Workbooks and Teacher Reference Guides 

Our Workbooks and Teacher's Reference Guides are available in digital format only and may be downloaded for sharing with your students.

These Workbooks are under Copyright and are made available for use only with projects provided by The Elementary Woodshop. Access your Workbook (and Teacher’s Reference Guide) below. 

Teachers are requested to review the Workbook and the Teacher’s Reference Guide prior to building the project with students. Our YouTube instructional videos demonstrate how to build the projects – please follow the illustrated assembly instructions in the workbook.

The Maker Blocks, Build-A-Buddy and Toy Factory projects do not require a Teacher’s Reference Guide. 

Our “What Do You Like To Do?” (Elementary Trades Career) workbook is provided as a free download to teachers in British Columbia to encourage young students to think about what they like to do and learn that trade careers can be fun and rewarding.

(No reference guide required)
(No reference guide required)